Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please consider: this is a general information, there may be deviations for technical or other reasons when an order is realized.

What size is sanitube?

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sanitube can accommodate either 1 or 2 cabins, where the pipe lengths will be 165cm or 300cm respectively.

In case one of the cabins is realized as barrier-free WC, then the pipe lengths are 280cm or 400cm respectively.

The internal diameter is 250cm for all variants.

Which facilities are there?

sanitube is available in a variety of configuration options. A tube may accommodate 1 or 2 cabins.

Each cabin has an oculus of satin glass and is illuminated by a motion-controlled LED strip.

The equipment of the cabins can be ordered either in stainless steel or ceramic, wherein the cabin types toilet, toilet and urinal, barrier-free toilet, double urinal and shower are available for combination. All cabin types offer a wash basin and mirror. A diaper changing table can be installed on demand.

For the cabin types with shower hot water is provided, heated by a water heater (18 KW). The fittings in the basic configurations are self-closing faucets, designed for use in the (semi) public space. To protect the wiring and fitting a frost guard is installed.

The basic configuration may of course be adapted as part of the order to meet your special requirements and wishes.

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Is there an wheelchair accessible version?

Yes, there is also an wheelchair accessible toilet cabin. This is somewhat deeper and has a side console with a drive-under wash basin built in.The toilet seat is slightly longer and handles are provided on both sides.

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How is sanitube delivered?

sanitube comes from the factory by truck.

When planning the location of the building, the site selected should be accessible by truck.

The unloading of sanitube into the building pit is executed by crane. Depending on the sanitube type, the number of tubes to be delivered and the distance to the construction site, the truck already has a crane on board, or a crane has to be procured locally.

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What must be prepared on site?

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Setting up a sanitube is rather easy, since the outside of the tube is also the bearing surface at the same time, which is to be set in a sand or gravel leveling layer. Thus a foundation plate is not necessary in most situations.

sanitube is connected to a manhole in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. It has to be equipped with sewer, water supply and electric supply.

The manhole is to be realized with top and bottom, as well as proper pipe penetrations for water, sewer and electricity.

What connections are necessary?

Sewer: The sewage outlet to be used (diameter 150) can be connected directly to the plastic pipe coming from the sanitube. The sewage connecting pipe is factory-attached and extends beyond the sanitube diameter.

Water inlet connection: The pipe is a 3/4 "cast iron pipe and is factory-attached and extends beyond the sanitube diameter.

Electricity: Depending on the sanitube type the supply line needs to be 400V or 240V. In case of a built in water heater 18KW of power is necessary. The strength of the wire is 5x4 mm2 and the line also protrudes about 2-3 m forth over the tube.

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How long is delivery time?

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sanitubes are made ​​to order, delivery time is approximately 8 - 10 weeks.

If urgent, manufacturing within 5 weeks is feasible.

What does sanitube cost?

Since there are many equipment versions of the tubes, we provide individual offers according to your specific requirements.

The prices are based on various options such as cabin quantity, type of equipment, accessibility, ceramic or stainless steel, etc.

To introduce you to the available options and to discuss all the details needed for a tailor-made offer to meet your demands please contact us at:

How can sanitube be styled?

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sanitube can be creatively styled both inside and outside. The interior painting and wall color can be any RAL color, the doors can be powder coated in the same or a different RAL color.

The exterior can be painted with concrete paint - either in a single color or various colors for more artistic styles. Among other possibilities are greening, as well as colored or structured concrete.

Are special models possible?

Yes, we always try to realize the ideal sanitube system for each location.

Contact us at if you have special requirements or requests.

Is there also an autonomous version of sanitube?

So far, we have not yet realized a fully autonomous system, but we are planning to develop one in the future.

In any case it is possible to replace the sewer connection through an underground tank, which would then be emptied regularly.

How did you come up with the idea?

sanitube was developed by the stadt.raum.agenten in cooperation with the Upper Austrian culture laureate Andreas Strauss in the context of an Impulse project.

The original idea for sanitube was born from the project "dasparkhotel" by Andreas Strauss that already started into its tenth season in 2014. "dasparkhotel" offers simple accommodation also in a horizontal concrete pipe with the comfort of a hotel room and the cosy intimacy of camping.

Through the perfect complement between sanitube and "dasparkhotel" a minimalist hotel ensemble for virtually every place has now become possible.

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